I’m happy you made it all the way here!

So many good photographers to choose from, it’s like a jungle out there almost.

At least that was my reasoning when I started this account. Just another wedding account – the name carries a portion of humor and a sense of not being too serious.
I thought to my self, how can I be honest and not fall into the “wedding photographer trap” of always talking with vivid adjectives, using flowery emojis and overexpose every single frame 2 stops. Cause that wouldn’t be whom I am as a storyteller nor a person.

The reason for me being so intrigued by wedding photography is very simple. I really enjoy meeting new people, being told a great story and create pictures.

Now, by design, weddings encompass all of those ingredients and then some. As a documentary wedding photographer, it is my job to retell that story in an honest yet esthetically appealing way.

If you are interested in learning more about my approach to photography or storytelling I am only a FaceTime call away.

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