Saturday started with the traditional preparations before moving on to first look and then making group photographs of the wedding party. The weather forecast had been causing concern leading up to the wedding day but the low grey cloud came as a pleasant surprise. Everything went great and the cloudy calm skies provided a fantastic portrait light. The day progressed and the tempo picked up as we got closer to the ceremony which was held at Mariefred Kyrka. The ceremony unfolded and was nothing short of beautiful.

Once done with the walkout the couple drove off in a vintage car that would make any automobile nut go crazy.

While the guests caught a lift with a charted old school steam train, which took them back to the estate. We sneaked away to make portraits. We had scouted the locations beforehand (yes I tend to do that) and we had a blast during the portrait session. As we concluded the classic veil on a boat shoot the heavens turned dark blue, kind of purple and it was time to hit the gas.

Thankfully they made it back in time for a royal-like reception on the pier, a polish toast. Na Zdrowie!!! A group photo with ALL the guests, cutting the cake. Wait, what? Cake before the wedding dinner – Yes absolutely.
Before the heavens opened.

As the guests went inside to start the six-course dinner I took a breather.
The evening proceeded as they do with a lot of great stories, speeches, laughter and a few tears before the wedding party relocated to the stage area. Yes, of course, they built a special stage for the occasion, like the one that would find a proper rock concert.

Just as everyone was gearing up towards the first dance. The skies opened up and it came down pouring. I mean you got soaked in a matter of seconds.

This didn’t bother Sara and Thomasz one bit, na on the contrary. This got them fired up. They went all in. It was quite the scene to see the two of them in the soaking rain. Very romantic, movielike!

Once the first dance ended, the rest of the wedding party joined in and it was a beautiful sight… Singing and dancing in the rain.

After the live band finished up (thank god nobody got electrified), the DJ accompanied by a saxophone player took things if possible, to another level…

I threw in the towel at 01 o clock but the party went on until the morning hours. Led by the groom, all the reaming guests went for a night bath. He never thought twice about taking off his ring. Well, he should have… A few weeks later, when they returned with a proper underwater gold detector, the professional diver contracted for the rescue op said confident, is this the area? I’ll be back in 10 minutes. 6 hours later still no ring and they had to call it a day.

Fun facts

  • Number of guests – 104
  • Number of dinner courses – 6
  • Most popular gelato flavor – Pistachio
  • Venue – Asgård, Mariefred
  • Over 400 bottles of champagne, vine, cava etc.
    was consumed during the weekend
  • It took the roadies 3,5 days to build the concert stage
  • Number of wedding photographers interviewed – 4

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